Undemanding Freshwater Shrimps

Neocaridina shrimps and some other species are relatively undemanding ones, among other ornamental freshwater shrimps.

Neocaridina Heteropoda Shrimps

Shrimps from neocaridina gene do not require any special preparations and will live and breed in wide range parameters of aquarium water. Any cycled aquarium that is not currently housing big fish be a suitable home for these shrimps.

Caridina Babaulti Shrimps

Caridina babaulti shrimps quite similar in keeping with necaridina shrimps. The only difference that Caridina babaulti shrimps grow slowly, thus it's a little harder to breed them.

Blackish Breeding Shrimps

There are nice and active aquarium shrimps that do not breed in freshwater aquariums. Adult shrimps live in freshwater, but newborn shrimps (larva) require water with different level salinity. In a wild, these shrimps release babies in river creeks near ocean where baby-shrimps grow in salt water during first several weeks. These group of shrimps include the following species: amano shrimp, red nose shrimp, fan shrimp, orange sunkist shrimp, ninja shrimp and others.

Other species of undemanding shrimps

We should not forget about several other species of undemanding shrimps that live and breed in freshwater.

Well-known ghost/glass shrimps are easy to keep as well. These shrimps are often available as feeder in pet-stores. Ghost shrimp larva (first stage or development of young shrimps) are very small and spend their time swim in water column. This makes then hard to breed, however, they do not need special water parameters.
Malaya shrimps are fully freshwater. They have similar larva stage and thus require more care while breeding.
Red claw shrimps and other freshwater shrimps from Macrobrachium gene accept wide range of water parameters and do not required specially prepared water. Du to their aggressive nature, these shrimps require more care and specially set up of aquarium. This probably explains why they are not popular in freshwater shrimp hobby.